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5 June 1985
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I like Ape Escape, Crash Bandicoot, Puyo Puyo Fever 1 and 2, Psychonauts, and the film Basil the Great Mouse Detective, along with various other things a whole lot. I also like to draw. go visit my DA gallery at the above link.

And no, I'll probably never write anything better for my userinfo. you're best just looking in my journal for interesting/stupid/hillarious stuff. :P

(The background in my current layout is an edited version of one from MSPA.)

My Now Dead DeadJournal. IT'S REALLY OLD.

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i'm in gryffindor!

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User Number: 2199970
Date Created:1985-06-05
Number of Posts: 647

Daydreams, draws things, plays videogames, wanders the internets and fangasms over silly things. Hails from Scotland, but has no kilt or bagpipes. More than compensates for this by being somewhat cranky and routinely drinking her own weight in Irn-Bru. Occasionally likes slash, preferrably if there is actual subtext in the game.
Strengths: Easily amused, imaginative, tolerant and easy-going, will try her damndest to make you lol and/or feel better, will listen to your problems.
Weaknesses: constantly sleepy, has a really really really REALLY bad memory, stubborn, has an attention span like a hummingbird on speed and caffeine, has a really, really offensive sense of humor(but really, she doesn't mean to offend... she just finds offensive things hillarious.), bad at responding to comments, usually likes unpopular or obscure fandoms or characters, constantly a great big grumpypants, Rule 34.
Special Skills: drawing, platform game-playing, amassing collections of MP3s, filling up hard drives with useless stuff, fangirling ugly characters.
Weapons: Will set her army of (...four) rats on you... and then they will lick you and crawl all over you. THE HORROR. Will horrify you with exotic slash. If all else fails, will throw Bobby Zilch at your face and stand well back.
Fangasmed characters (the most extreme cases): Specter, Team Rocket, N.Gin, Basil, Ratigan, E-123 Omega, Rufus Shinra, General Grievous, Boyd "The Milkman" Cooper, Bobby Zilch.

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psychonaut_rate: the only rating comm I will probably join. Ever. Because it rocks.

Oh, and since everyone else is doing it, COLORBARS:

Jack Spicer is Evil Genius Love.

Monkey Jack is Hot Monkey Love

General Grievous is killer cyborg Love

MegasXLR is Giant Robot Love.

Feffiroff is love | by donnafreak

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